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The Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology (GCELT), pioneer in the field of education and research on Leather Technology was originally started under the name ‘Calcutta Research Tannery’ in the year 1919 on the recommendation of Munitions Board set up by the Government of India immediately after the first World War with the aim of exploring Indigenous resources of hides, skins and tanning materials for the purpose of production of leather and leather goods and development of leather industry in the country. The college originally was situated on Canal South Road, Pagladanga, P.O. Tangra, Calcutta – 700 015. In August 1955 this college was affiliated to the University of Calcutta for imparting training in B. Sc. (Tech) course in Leather Technology and it has been recognized as a professional college under the University of Calcutta. The latest development and new schemes undertaken by the college has turned it into a big organization in the field of Leather Technology, the like of which was not found in any part of India. The main service provided by the college to the industry during 90 years of existence was supply of technical manpower and technical development.




" Be a lifelong learner, not a lifelong student ”

Students belong to a certain meritorious category. Most of our students have excelled in their professional lives and heightened name of the Institute in professional arena. Many of our students opt for higher studies and have excelled in competitive examinations like GATE, CAT, and MAT etc. Students have also proved their excellence in professional examinations designated for administrative posts. Students have also left excellent footprints in other sectors e.g. cultural profession, entrepreneurship etc. Students have also proven their track records in other extra curricular activities also.