Lien Quan, one of the most popular MOBA games today, has attracted a lot of attention from gamers around the world, especially in Southeast Asia. Betting on matches of this game is also becoming increasingly popular. Let's join 8xbet learn about Comprehensive instructions, from basic to advanced, about Lien Quan betting through the article below.

Overview of Lien Quan betting

Lien Quan betting is a form of betting on the results of matches in the game Lien Quan. Players can participate in betting by placing money on specific events or results of the match, such as a team's victory, number of goals, number of enemy kills… When the match result is determined. , players with correct predictions will receive corresponding rewards.

Lien Quan betting is increasingly popular and attracts the attention of many players, especially gamers with experience and deep understanding of this game. Through betting activities, players not only have the opportunity to earn extra income but can also increase their monitoring and understanding of Lien Quan matches.

Lien Quan betting rules and terms: Things you need to know

To participate in Lien Quan betting effectively and safely, players need to clearly understand the rules and betting terms of this game. This section will provide you with the necessary information about the relevant regulations cá cược Liên Quân.

Popular types of bets in Lien Quan

In Lien Quan betting, players can participate in the following types of bets:

  • Winning bet: This is the most popular type of bet, allowing players to bet on the team that will win the match.

  • Handicap betting: This type of bet allows players to bet on the match outcome when there is a difference in strength between the two teams.

  • Bet on total goals: Player bets on the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match.

  • Bet on the number to kill the enemy: Players bet on the total number of times a team kills the opponent in the match.

  • Bet on the number of times to defend the Dragon Ball: Players bet on the number of times a team successfully defends the Dragon Ball in the match.

In addition, some bookmakers also offer other special bets, such as MVP bets (best player), bets on the number of healing times, number of tower destructions…

Lien Quan betting terms

When participating in Lien Quan betting, players need to note the following terms:

  • Betting closing time: Players can only place bets during the period before the match starts. Betting closing time is usually clearly announced by the bookmakers.

  • Official results: The official result of the match is determined by the tournament organizers. The house will rely on this result to pay bonuses to players.

  • Postpone, cancel or postpone a match: If a match is postponed, canceled or postponed for any reason, the house will have its own handling policies, such as refunding bets, applying results according to odds…

  • Change the lineup: The fact that a team changes its lineup from the original information will not affect the betting results, except in cases where the match is postponed, canceled or postponed.

  • Special cases: The house will have its own regulations to handle special cases such as unusual results, disputes about results…

Mastering the betting terms will help players avoid unnecessary risks when participating in Lien Quan betting.

Effective Lien Quan betting experience for beginners

With its dramatic nature and ability to bring attractive profits, Lien Quan betting is becoming an increasingly popular choice in the gaming community. However, to be able to participate in betting effectively, especially beginners, it is necessary to master appropriate betting experiences and strategies.

Understand clearly about Lien Quan

Before starting to participate in Lien Quan betting, players need to clearly understand this game, including:

  • Heroes, positions and roles: Need to master information about heroes, including strength, role, playing style… This will help players predict the formation and operation of the teams.

  • Current meta and trends: Monitoring the meta and playing trends in Lien Quan will help players predict the strategies and formations that teams can use.

  • Confrontation history and performance of the teams: Researching the confrontation history and current performance of the teams will provide important information to make more accurate predictions.

Mastering the basic knowledge of Lien Quan will be an important foundation for players to be able to participate in betting effectively.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

Choosing a reputable bookmaker is an important factor to help players feel secure when participating in Lien Quan betting. Below are some criteria to determine whether a bookmaker is reputable or not:

  • Operating license: The bookmaker must have a valid operating license from a regulatory agency, ensuring transparency and fairness in operations.

  • Transparency and fairness: Bookmakers need to have clear and transparent policies on terms, odds, payment regulations…

  • Professional customer service: 24/7, fast and professional customer service support will help players answer all questions and have a good experience when participating in betting.

  • Attractive odds: The bookmaker offers competitive and attractive odds, giving players the opportunity to receive large bonuses.

  • Diverse forms of betting: The house offers a variety of betting forms, from pre-match bets, live bets to other special bets, creating choices for players.

Choosing a reputable bookmaker will help players feel secure and focus on participating in betting effectively.


Above is a guide to Lien Quan betting from basic to advanced, including an introduction to Lien Quan betting, game rules and terms you need to know, and effective betting experience for beginners. Mastering knowledge, managing budgets and choosing reputable bookmakers will help players have the best betting experience. Hopefully through this article, you have gained more knowledge and experience to successfully participate in Lien Quan betting.


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