International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development - ICETSD '19

March 5-6, 2019, GCELT, Kolkata, WB,India

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Call for Papers

International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development (ICETSD)

Call for Papers

The authors are invited to submit Abstract / full-paper(s) reporting original unpublished research work and recent developments in the topics related to the conference theme. The submitted paper(s) comprised of the maximum 6 pages should follow the ACS-/IEEE-formatting guidelines

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The submitted paper will extensively be checked for plagiarism to qualify for subsequent processing.

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  • Scope

  • There are two main themes of ICETSD ’19. Topics of interest will fall under one or more of the symposium themes.

    A. Emerging Trends in Chemical and biochemical Process for Sustainable Environment

    Leathers, polymers, and biopolymers
    Synthesis of advanced polymers; processing of leathers; nanotechnology in leather, footwear, and leather goods; hydrogels for waste-water treatment, sensor, scaffolding, biopolymer-based material, and in vivo applications; membranes; leather auxiliaries; polymer-ceramic hybrid materials

    Industrial Biotechnology
    Biochemical and bio-process Engineering; applied enzyme biotechnology in leather and allied industry; sustainable bio-economy; microbial enzyme production and scale up approach; advances in fermentation technology for value added product; bio-remediation of leather waste using algal technology and energy production

    Fundamental works in pure and applied fields
    Synthesis, characterization, application, and modelling of newly developed organic, inorganic, organometallic, bio-inorganic, organic-inorganic hybrids; thermodynamics; reaction kinetics and isotherm; different levels of modelling and simulation; cost-effective synthesis of fundamental chemical / biochemical species

    Nanocomposites, graphenes/ functionalized graphenes, clay, carbon nanotubes, nanorods, and fibers; magnetic nanoparticles, multifunctional organic-inorganic composite materials of current interests; materials for sensors and delivery; biological applications of nanomaterials; fluorescent-nanomaterials; modelling and process optimization; cost analyses

    Waste management
    Solid waste generation, minimization, collection, separation, treatment, and disposal; effective utilization of hazardous/ non-hazardous municipal, agricultural, and industrial solid/ liquid wastes; economic analyses

    Environmental Science and Technology
    Carbon foot-print; biodegradability; pollution abatement; environmentally friendly process and product development; statistical survey; bioinformatics; toxicity assessments; biocompatibility; halophilic microorganisms; development of biological protocols

    B. Recent Advancements in Computer Science, Electronics and Information Technology

    Cloud Computing and Internet of Things
    Community Cloud, Multicloud, Cloud Management, Edge Computing, Distributed Cloud, Private Cloud, Infrastructure Management, Smart Grid, Open Interconnect Consortium, Large Scale Deployments, Transportation, Energy Management, etc.

    Machine Learning and Optimization
    Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Security Issues in Big Data / Cloud / Grid / Distributed Computing, Cognitive Science, Component Analysis, Data & Knowledge Engineering, Digital Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and machine Learning, Multi Agent Systems,Evolutionary Algorithms and Computation , Hybrid Models and Fuzzy Systems , Machine Learning , Meta Heuristics and Swarm Intelligence, Multi-Model Problems and Spatial Distribution , Neuro Fuzzy System, Non-Linear Separation, Optimization Methods and Solutions

    Embedded Systems and Security
    Network Forensics, Design/Analysis of Security Protocols, Security Standards ,Embedded System Architecture, Embedded Software&HW ,Application-specificchips ,Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic ,Medical Instrumentation, MEMS and NANO Sensor and its security,Intrusion Detection/Prevention Techniques

    Data Mining and its Applications
    Applications of Data Mining in Marketing, Medicine, E-Commerce (Mining Log files) , Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Multimedia Data (Image, Video, Text, Signals), soft computing, Frequent Pattern , mining, Learning and Adaptive Control, Learning/Adaption of Recognition and Perception, Learning for Handwriting Recognition, Learning in Image Pre-Processing and Segmentation, Subspace Methods, Support Vector Machines, Bioinformatics, spam mail detection, Statistical Learning, Association Rules.

    Electronic Devices and circuit Technologies
    Optoelectronic Devices, Photovoltaic Devices, Microwave and RF Devices, Organic Electronics and Emerging Devices, Nano-electronic Devices and Technology, Device Modelling and Simulations, Process and Manufacturing Technology, Advanced CMOS and Beyond CMOS Devices, MEMS, Sensors and Imagers, VLSI architectures; Algorithms, methods and tools for modeling, simulation, Compound Semiconductors and High Speed Devices, Neuromorphic Devices, Low Power and RF Devices and Circuits, Device application in Microsystems, FPGA, Real time Embedded System.CommunicationCircuits, Digital Circuits and ASIC, Electronic System Level Design, Emerging Trends and Development in VLSI

    Communication Technologies
    Coding Techniques for 3G & 4G, UWB Systems, Digital Multimedia Systems , Airborne Vehicle Communication, Antenna Systems, Signal & Image Processing, Telemetry & Tele command Systems, Optical Communication, Satellite Technology, Earth Station Systems & Technology, Millimeter Wave Technology, Telecom Management, Underwater Communication, Multi Carrier Modulation, Communication Theory, Information Theory, Cryptography, Mobile Computing, Communications Software, Services and Multimedia Applications ,Green Communication Systems and Networks Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks, Mobile and Wireless Networks, Next-Generation Networking, Optical Networks and Systems, Network Based Applications, Network Security, Next Generation Web, Cognitive Radio and Networks, Communication and Information System Security, Communication QoS, Reliability and Modeling, Signal Processing for Communications, High Speed Networks

  • Publication

  • All accepted and registered papers will be submitted for publication in the Conference Proceedings. Authors of selected best papers accepted and presented in the conference may be invited to submit an extended version to SCOPUS-indexed or UGC approved/ Publishing India Group's Journals. (Yet to confirm)

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Block - LB 11, Sector-III, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700106, India